Interview: Gwyneth Lewis, Mslexia 57 (2013)

By on Jun 28, 2013 in Publications | 0 comments

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I propose that many writers are distrustful of poetry as a form because it is unsafe and exposing, and ask her if writing should be recommended as an apprenticeship to writing in other forms. ‘Poetry is like being in the Marines. That is, before they let you out as a security guard, if you’ve come through that particular bonfire, nothing can scare you. You become used to economy of expression and that doesn’t happen without it improving the precision of your thinking and that’s why it’s radical’. Radical poetry, in the sense she means here, ‘is the opposite of advertising because there the precision is in the service of selling, and any good poet isn’t the business of selling you a point of view, a good poet is trying to seduce you into another mind.’

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