Article: Out Into the Unknown: Gwyneth Lewis and Science, Poetry Wales 47.1 (2011)

By on Jun 28, 2013 in Publications | 0 comments

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By acknowledging the possibilities offered by expansion of knowledge whether through the limitlessness of space or through the complexity of stem cells, Lewis’s poetry stands on the rift between what we know about poetry and what we don’t know about science. Her poetry ventures out to explore new territory that is not even widely recognised as valid ground for poetry. Her range, as demonstrated above, is massive and has moved from the now largely defunct fax machines to the body’s defenses via space; challenging any accusations that the appropriate subject matter for a woman is frivolous. Her writing also shows an appetite for experiences of the unknown and elsewhere, and considers the rewards of understanding that might follow the action of ‘feeling hungry’ and ‘swallow[ing] the moon’.

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